Get Involved In Life and Your Life Will Be Enriched


Interesting…the idea of getting involved. What does it truly mean to
you? Do you just stick a toe in the water of life & wait for the right
moment…time…sign…or enough people to reassure you that NOW is the right
time. Time to get in the game of life is NOW; as it always has been.

So… here’s my 2 cents on ways of getting involved in life.

1. Get comfortable with getting UNCOMFORTABLE
2. Do what needs doing…Do not wait for others to do it first…Just do it!
3. Live from the heart…express your feelings
4. Risk…be the first to open up to a friend or acquaintance or a stranger
5. Be willing to extend your friendship circles
6. Learn to see others as equals
7. Learn to see beyond the masks and REALLY see the other person
8. Risk asking for help and let others get involved in your life
9. Create a unique network of friends, colleagues, co-workers & acquaintances…the more diverse the better your view of the world expands
10. View the world as BIG & small…see the bigger picture & never lose sight that WE are all connected

What one thing will you do to be more involved in life?

Have you created a diverse enough network of friends?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Involved

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