Reasons To Celebrate Failure

In my experience there seems to be an unwritten rule that failure is to be seen as an embarrassment & something to be ashamed of & hidden at all costs. Who came up with ridiculous RULE! Failure is HOW we learn to do something in a different way. Many famous inventors failed many times…BEFORE their invention worked.
Really…Failure is a good thing…When you learn from the lessons and pursue on.

So… here’s my 2 cents on reasons to celebrate failure.

1. Failure…Helps you creates a NEW way of doing things
2. Failure…Makes way for even BETTER ideas
3. Failure…Fuels the PASSION in creating a new thing
4. Failure…Breaks the RULES on FEAR of failing…You’ve done that already…now get going & create
5. Failure…Ignites the FIRE in your soul to do it ONE more time…over & over
6. Failure…Stirs your IMAGINATION
7. Failure…Leads your mind in new & EXCITING paths
8. Failure…Shows your TRUE character
9. Failure…Is the common bond that all people have experienced at one time or another
10. Failure…Is inevitable & yet we get up again to do it all over once more
11. Failure…Is only FAILURE when we no long get up
12. Failure…Means your one more step closer in SUCCEDING

What have failures have you celebrated?

Have you risked enough to fail lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Celebratory,

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One Comment on “Reasons To Celebrate Failure”

  1. George H Says:

    Great post. I especially like #11 and #12. Failures are the steps you follow to find success!

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