Gifts Of The Fall Season

Well it’s finally happened…Fall is here! I do enjoy the changes of the seasons…seems so magical as it JUST happens. Fall has given way to my city and there is no more denying this fact. I have come to accept that Fall is here and it is here now.

So… here’s my 2 cents on the gifts of the fall season.

1. Cooler mornings
2. Cooler evenings…better sleeping
3. An increase in energy…a faster pace than Summertime now
4. Change is in the air…
5. Change is evident… everywhere
6. Change in personal circumstances too…this is a good thing
7. Gearing up for the sleepy…dormant…cozy season called Winter
8. New plans are being made…new goals…new dreams
9. The natural world of animals are kicking it into high gear…we would do well to do the same
10. The hard work period is NOW!
11. Cleaning…Clearing…Reaping…Reorganizing
12. A time for tying up lose ends and making plans for the future
13. A time to reflect on what worked this year & what you want for next year

What gifts do you see?

Have reflected on this past year yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Accepting,

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