Reasons To Stop Hanging Out With Negative People

Ever been around consistently negative people…Draining! You know the type…too hot outside…too cold outside…too cloudy…blaa…blaa…blaa.
These are the people to avoid or at the very least limit contact with them. Life’s too precious to waste complaining and whining away.

So… here’s my 2 cents to stop listening to negative people.

1. They’re just boring to be around
2. They’re stuck in the same rut
3. List endless “woes me” stories
4. Conversation is one-sided…Theirs and their sad tales
5. Negativity stifles CREATIVITY
6. Negativity begets MORE negativity
7. Can dash all hope from anyone’s dream
8. What you allow into your mind seeps into your soul
9. Constantly negative people will DRAG you down with them
10. They claim to have all the answers to everyone else’s problems…They don’t
11. They constantly criticize EVERYTHING…And offer no real solutions
12. Negative people tend to be the most unhappiest people

What are you willing to put up with now?

Have you set some boundaries lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Selective,


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