15 Reasons To Ask For What You Need

This past week I have caught a cold and have been finding ways to manage through the messiness of all that encompasses a cold. I am drinking plenty of water, drinking hot tea and some other home remedies. One of my biggest revelations came to me…I could simply ask to be healthy again.

So… here’s my 2 cents on reasons to ask for what you need.

1. You may get what you wanted
2. You’re letting people know how they can help
3. You’re asking for what you need
4. You’re being clear in your needs
5. You’re being clear
6. You are sending out messages of your want to the Universe
7. You’re being proactive
8. You are fulfilling a need someone has placed in their asking to help out in your situation
9. You are being direct in asking
10. You are creating an exchange of energy
11. You are being upfront about your needs
12. You can show people in your life what makes you vulnerable
13. You can help someone be the giver of this gift to you
14. You can ask for what you need again and again
15. You can BE the giver of someone else’s need when the time arises and keep this circle of asking and giving going

What needs do you need to make known?

Have you decided to ask for what YOU need today?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be asking,

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