24 Words To Remove From Your World

I recently overheard 2 women talking to each other in a coffee shop. The 2 of them seemed to complain about Everything! I literally had to move from MY seat to get away from all that negativity. Really… there’s NOTHING going on in your life that you are grateful for?! So… this got me thinking, what can each of us do to help eliminate the useless mental garbage that we spew out so casually.

So….here’s my 2 cents on words to eliminate from your world.

1. I can’t
2. I don’t know
3. I cannot believe…
4. I should…
5. Yeah but…
6. I tried that and it didn’t work (once)
7. I’m too old
8. I’m too young
9. I’m married
10. I’m divorced
11. I’m separated
12. I’m single
13. I’m Just a stay at home Mom
14. I’m a single parent
15. I used to have big dreams
16. I’ll wait for the kids to grow up
17. I’ll wait for the kids to move out of the house
18. I could Never do That!
19. One day I’ll…
20. When I retire I’ll start…
21. I’m waiting for the perfect…
22. I’m not rich enough to…
23. I thought I could … once
24. What can I do about …

What excuses are you using?

How can you eliminate some of your mental garbage today?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be exceptional,

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