Gifts To Share With Others

These past few weeks have really taught me a lot about making connections and how just one conversation can change your present course in life. There have been a few key people who spoke from their hearts at a time where I was ready to give up on myself and my dreams. These people took a risk and shared words from their own experience and told me in their own words to keep moving forwards.

This got me thinking… what kind of an impact we can truly make in each others lives if we just chose to share our gifts with others.
1. Believe in your dreams

This statement was said to me after a long uphill battle to overcome a poverty trapping system that I defied the odds in leaving. Many people (Sadly, professionals too) wanted to keep me from dreaming big with a simple phrase “How are you going to do that!” When one person said what others were not saying… Believe in your dreams… This made an impact on me and stoked the flames of fire within me.

2. I believe in you

When faced with many people again doubting that I could achieve what I set out to do, one person had a huge impact on my life. This simple yet very profound and deep statement has helped many people push through their adversity and to regain their self confidence. We all want to feel that we belong and that we matter. This is a very impactful statement that gives hope and fuels faith.

3. We are more alike than we are different

I thought I was weird or different because of my life circumstances. I was lead to believe that I was going through some of life’s difficulties alone… that no one else would or could understand. Several key people told me this statement at different times and individually that I am not going through something that someone else hasn’t already gone through and has lived to tell the tale. This gave me comfort that others have overcome the same and even bigger obstacles and this is what unites the human race. We are more similar than we are different… we just have to look harder to find this out.

4. We are meant to ask for help along the way

 This was a very tough lesson for me to realize and finally “get”. I learned to do things on my own and became so independent that I turned down many offers of help along the way that people just assumed that I didn’t need any help. This is a very dangerous place to be… we all need help from each other. The lesson for me was to ask for help, this left the other person with the choice to help or not. More times than not they did help me out. The risk is just in the initial asking, after the first time it got a lot easier to ask.

5. Give and Receive

 This is a very profound experience to be both the giver AND the receiver. Many people enjoy helping others, but have a hard time receiving help themselves. As you give a complement… remember to receive a compliment as well. Thank you, is a good place to start. As you help someone open a door… remember to receive help from someone holding a door open for you. As you give out love… remember to receive the love that is given back to you.

 Life is a fine balance of giving receiving gifts. Make a conscious choice to do your part to keep the balance going.  
What gifts have you given lately? 
Have you fully received your gifts lately?
Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Accepting,


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