15 More Ways To Show Up In Your Own Life

This week I wrote about living and being fully engaged and present in life. How can you experience living & being fully engaged in your own life? (Read 15 Ways To Show Up In Your Own Life part 1)

This seems to be a popular buzz word right now & this got me thinking… what is the essence of discovering your ways to show up in your own life.

So….here’s my 2 cents on ways of discovering your fully engaged in life.

1. Find out what makes you happy and Explore your options
2. Redefine who YOU are
3. Create a list of “If I could do anything I wanted” list and push past the ordinary
4. With this list… circle everything that is beyond the ordinary and usual answers
5. Explore theses ideas without criticism or judgment
6. Make 1 week your “what makes me happy” exploration week and write down your findings
7. Become curious about Yourself… Do 2 things this week that make YOU happy
8. Become a detective and hire yourself to investigate Yourself
9. Dig deep to uncover your hidden talents (Everybody has talents, so discover yours)
10. Become a journalist and ask friends what talents they see in you
11. Ask family what you enjoyed playing with or what engaged your time as a young child
12. Take all the data you’re gathered and circle the commonalities in each of your findings
13. Really LOOK at the results… What do YOU notice
14. Create a treasure map for yourself… The X is the spot where your hidden “treasures” lie
15. Honor your hard work on the many discoveries you’ve recently made & enjoy your living and being fully engaged

What stops you from living a fully engaged life?

Have you explored all hidden potential yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be willing,

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