15 Ways To Show Up In Your Own Life

This week I have been reflecting on what makes this year so much more pleasing for me than in my recent past. This year I am living and being fully engaged and present in my life. What are some ways in which you can experience living and being fully engaged in your own life? This got me thinking.

So….here’s my 2 cents on ways of living a fully engaged in life.

1. Honor your feelings (Give a voice to even the sad or not so good ones too)
2. Choose to put yourself on your own TO DO list
3. Place yourself FIRST on your own TO DO list
4. Engage in some form of mediation practice daily (Can be as short as 5 minutes…everyone has 5 MINUTES!)
5. Write down 15 accomplishments that you are most proud of accomplishing
6. Read out loud (you can do it!) this list of 15 accomplishments and feel the feelings you had when you completed these
7. Take stock of what IS NOT working in your life right now
8. Choose to let go of what you cannot change
9. Decide to release those things that no longer fit your life and let them go
10. Choose to meet new friends who are also living fully engaged lives
11. Entertain the idea of creating… for now, just the idea is enough
12. Honor your talents that you have.
13. Create a list of the best 8 skills and talents you have leaned
14. Pick the top 3 best skills and talents on your list
15. Choose to find ways to use these 3 top skills and talents in Your Life

What does living fully engaged mean for you?

Have you created your best 8 skills and talent list yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be engaging,

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2 Comments on “15 Ways To Show Up In Your Own Life”

  1. Evan Says:

    Brilliant ways, Nicole! Thank you, once again, for sharing so authentically from your knowing. To me they all sound simple, engaging and delightful to the core. Fits & goes perfectly well with my own sensibilities & sensitivities. Thank you for being you. I can count on it, everytime! Smile and keep inspiring all of us with your ‘full of wisdom’ 2 cents! Evan smiling…

  2. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thank you Evan!

    Always being the real me 🙂

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