24 All Things Summer List

Summer is here! I really enjoy the summer months and being closer to nature. Just looking at the green that is all round makes me feel calmer and happier.
Naturally, this got me thinking.

So….here’s my 2 cents on all things summer

1. Waking up to the morning sunrise
2. Listening to the birds chip outside
3. Watching my cats chatter at the birds outside
4. Walking around the house barefoot
5. Walking on the grass barefoot
6. Engaging in a yoga practice outside, on the grass, on the mat and in the morning sun
7. Listening to some nice music in the evening
8. Puttering around in the garden
9. Puttering around the house while others are still sleeping
10. Having a nap outside in the sun & shade
11. Bike riding
12. Running through a sprinkler (doesn’t even have to be your own)
13. Flying a kite
14. Going on a trail hike
15. Swinging high on a swing (A must… to bring out the kid in all of us)
16. Eating cotton candy
17. Wearing flip-flops
18. The smell of sunscreen (Coconut scented IS the best)
19. Playing a late night game outside on the patio with family
20. The smell of a camp fire
21. The sounds of fans in the house
22. The joy of a slower pace the city seems to adopt during summer
23. Reading, journaling, laptopping, writing and dreaming
24. Just hanging out in your own back yard with absolutely no plans

What summer memories do you enjoy?

Have you created some new summer memories yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be Shiny,

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2 Comments on “24 All Things Summer List”

  1. Evan Says:

    Beautiful summer expressions & experiences you indulge & engage yourself in. Thank you for sharing it. I enjoyed reading it and had vivid visuals of summers. Summer time and the living is easy. Fish are jumping…la la la la la…smiling. I love summer, spring, winter & fall. All beautiful! I feel one with the elements. Yes, I am very elemental! …laughing…E is for Elemental & Evan! .. smile…

  2. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thank Evan! I enjoy your comments about the visuals. I seem to “see” much clearer in the summer months 🙂


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