20 Things That Make Me Smile

I have noticed that this past year everyone it seems is taking about simplicity and getting back to the basics things in life. I guess I’ve been living the simple life… all my life.   Here are some things that I can enjoy that are low cost or even (Gasp) FREE!

So….here’s my 2 cents on things that make me smile

1. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the patio outside in summer sun
2. Reading a great book in the sunshine…shade…sunshine
3. Watching my cats chase bugs in the summer
4. BBQ’s
5. Spending time with friends
6. Listening to some great music on the stereo (and singing along too!)
7. The smell of the air after a nice rain shower
8. Chatting online with great friends
9. Watching a comedy movie with my kids
10. The smell of flowers in bloom
11. The sound of a giggling baby
12. Blowing bubbles outside on a summer’s day (Try it again… simply fun)
13. Sharing your dreams and goals with friends
14. The smell of freshly laundered clothes
15. My children’s art work
16. The sound of a gushing outdoor fountain
17. Squishing wet sand between my toes
18. Baking cookies
19. Eating just-out-of-the-oven cookies
20. Watching the stars in the sky and just being

What makes you smile?

Have you done what makes you smile lately?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be smiling,

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5 Comments on “20 Things That Make Me Smile”

  1. Evan Says:

    Smiling big and FREE!!! Thanks, Nicole, for the simple & profound ways you ‘see’ things, life. With sweet, simple, smiles for you, Evan

  2. Evan Says:

    Because of you this world is enriched by your beautiful smiles. Thank you for sharing & smiling, Nicole! Smiles are FREE…Evan smiling…

  3. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thanks Evan!

  4. beth Says:

    Wow that makes me smile too. Glad to know this. BTW nice blog. Nice theme. Enjoyed going through it.

  5. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thanks Beth! Great flowers on your site. Are you a Florist?

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