5 Ideas on Creating the Life You Want

I have just had the most interesting conversation with a great friend of mine. We haven’t been in touch for a number of years… but you wouldn’t know it by listening to us. We just picked up where we left off & filled each other in on what we were up to. The really interesting part was that we have similar goals in creating the life we really want to live.

This got me thinking.
So….here’s my 2 cents on what sparked my ideas on creating the life I want.

1. Experience Life Fully

Sounds simple doesn’t it… To truly experience life fully you must risk appearing the fool and do what others are not. (When you hear “she’s nuts for doing that”… {Keep doing THAT}) Try out new things to discover more about Yourself, what you like, what you don’t like & what gets you up in the morning.

2. Engage in Life Fully

Make it a point to smile at perfect strangers… why not make their day brighter & friendlier. Even a simple “Hello” to someone has meaning. You never know what the impact of your kind words can have on someone. Engage in humanity one person at a time.

3. Dare to Dream

Dreams are creative tools given to us to help propel ourselves into roles we didn’t know we wanted to take on. Dreams are the starting point to create an outline of what you want in life. Dreams can grow bigger when nurtured and developed by acknowledging them. Keep on dreaming!

4. Actions to Backup Dreams

Taking action on your dreams is the “Magic” that make it become a reality. Life requires action from you to create and sustain your dreams. Without actions the dream cannot come into reality. You must DO something… anything that can bring this dream to life. (Baby steps are all that is needed)

5. Go With The Flow
(Thanks Evan for this saying)

Staying in action can require times of inaction. Huh?… Yes, that’s right, sometimes the timing is not quite right or the original action plan has fallen through. This is the time to STOP and get clear to what you really want. When you have a clear direction once again, go forwards with the new action plan and keep working toward your dreams.

What dreams have you put off?

Have you created your action plan yet?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be dreaming,


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2 Comments on “5 Ideas on Creating the Life You Want”

  1. This is a great blog! It is so very true, and yet, so many times, people have a hard time ‘creating the life they want’ by getting stuck in the life they have and seeing no way out of it!

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Nicole Rousselle Says:

    Thank you Catherine. I believe that we are all meant to live up to our full potential and by doing so we create a better home, community & world.

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