20 Lessons I Have Learned From Children Part 4

More lessons my children have taught me as continued from the June 11 post
(if you haven’t read yet – please read the previous posts for Part 1, part 2 & Part 3)

So….here’s my 2 cents on the life lessons from my children ages 11 to 14.

1. Be selective and only hear the good parts you want to hear
2. Ask for advice when needed… but do what feels right for you in the end
3. Wear clothes that make YOU feel good… never mind trends
4. Day dreaming is a good thing
5. Gossiping is not a good thing
6. Life is made for fun… so start having fun today
7. Challenge the world to become more peaceful… we are all from the HUMAN RACE
8. “What do I want to be when I grow up”
9. “Clean” is a relative word… as in “Did you clean your room? “
10. Sometimes following is the right thing
11. Sometimes leading is the right thing
12. Discovering new things about my world
13. Be true to your word
14. A promise is a promise… make sure to keep up your end of the deal
15. “Because I said so” IS an answer (used by frustrated parents stalling for a reason)
16. Children are born IT geniuses
17. Friends are our second family
18. Be real and show emotions freely
19. Walk, stroll, shuffle, phone, text, messaging & posting
20. Showing independence is a good thing

Have you listened to your children lately?

What can you do to show them you listen & value their opinions?

Until next time… Make each day count!

Be true,

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