Living & Learning – Part 2

Living & Learning – Part 2

I’ve been thinking about some of the important lessons I’ve learned along the way & how these lessons have impacted my life.
The greatest lessons I’ve learned have been from the most difficult & trying times of my life.
These were the times where I felt frustrated, awkward, lonely & scared as hell.

I persisted THROUGH these feelings and THROUGH the self doubt & just kept on taking life one step at a time. Looking back now at what seemed to be a road block in my path… was really a GIFT that I needed to allow into my life.

So … Here’s my 2 cents on Living & Learning part 2.
1. Be curious!
2. Be yourself!
3. Eat chocolate often
4. Get outdoors every day!
5. Be persistent (Not a pest)
6. Be anything BUT “normal”
7. Become the person that everyone says “wow, she really did it!”
8. Make getting up early an everyday habit
9. Walk 20 – 40 minutes every day (we humans were meant to move our bodies)
10. Offer to hold the door open for someone just because
11. Find a theme song for your life & sing & listen to this song often
12. Avoid constantly negative people (They’re just a DRAG)
13. Watch a sunrise & become inspired to just be
14. Watch a sunset & become inspired to live in peace
15. Seek out mentors for yourself to keep growing and learning
16. Learn to see the beautiful lessons in the mistakes you’ve made
17. Write down the lessons you’ve learned from these mistakes
18. Give someone your undivided attention for a change
19. Become a behavior observer expert; What a person does is WAY more telling than what they say
20. Your actions are the words your body lives up to
21. Make promises and keep them
22. Surprise others with your impeccable word; do what you said you would do
23. Value YOUR time
24. Set boundaries for your SELF
25. Your dreams are your soul’s gifts to the world; guard them & tell only who will support them!

What life lessons have learned from?

What has your greatest lesson taught you?

Send me a comment on your best lived & learned lessons.

Until next time… “Make each day count!”

Be yourself,


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2 Comments on “Living & Learning – Part 2”

  1. Evan Says:

    WOW – Nicole!!!
    The greatest lessons I learned about Myself through ‘mistakes’ which actually were my greatest teaching moments & teachers. The best of all thing I learnt is to Be Myself at all times. Yes, I admire that in You too! It’s the best way to be!
    Smiling ..
    Evan always being myself!

  2. heresmy2cents Says:

    Thanks Evan! I enjoy your insight that you kindly share with me & others. Awesome!!


    PS You are doing great the the blog thing… keep learning & living…. Smilling

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