Living & Learning

I wanted to create a space that I could write down my thoughts and views of the world, my world & how I interact within this world & I have created this blog for just that.
I enjoy sharing my thoughts on what I’ve learned living 35+ years & I continue to learn new insights each day.
So, as my blog title suggests… Here’s my 2 cents on Living & Learning.
1. Learn to love your hair JUST the way it is
2. Smiling IS contagious
3. Ask people “How is your day going”; just different enough to get a REAL answer
4. Talk to strangers just ‘cause
5. Seek out new learning always (books, people, workshops, online courses…)
6. Write down your goals
7. Write down your dreams
8. Listen to music often
9. Get up early once in a while
10. Sleep in late once in a while
11. Do something that scares you
12. Seek out people who are where you want to be
13. Interview the people who are where you want to be
14. Read!!!
15. Read a wide range of different subjects
16. Take a class on something you’ve never done & don’t think you’ll like (It’s just one time!)
17. Never say “Never” (It will bite you in the ass every time)
18. Stop complaining about the weather; you can’t change it can you
19. Stop complaining!!!
20. Eat popcorn for supper once in a while
21. Eat an ice cream cone for lunch once in a while
22. Eat dessert first, then your supper (Kids will enjoy this)
23. Find an inspirational websites / blogs that makes you want to be better
24. Click on their favorite links to explore new websites
25. Be the first to say “hello” when passing someone on the sidewalk

What have you learned lately?
Send me a comment on your best lived & learned lessons.
Until next time… “Make each day count!”
Be curious,

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3 Comments on “Living & Learning”

  1. Evan Says:

    Brilliant Nicole!! I’m seeing and eing curious here to respond to your wonderful sharing. Let’s eeif it orks!
    In the low,

  2. Evan Says:

    Nicole, thank You! I just read your response, great response! today being May 27. I am not too sure how this blogging thang orks for me, but am trying .. smiling. Keep up the lovely work and let your imagination go wild & free!
    Flowing, Evan

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